Pest Control

How we protect the exterior of your home from pests:

  • Sweep down spider webs, wasp nests and mud dauber nests
  • Treat around windows and doors
  • Treat cracks and weep holes
  • Power spray 5 feet up and 10 feet out from house
  • Treat fire ants within ten feet of house
  • Treat perimeter of storage sheds in yard (requested)
  • Treat mulch areas
  • Inspect for pest entry points

Each Additional Quarter:

We schedule a visit to thoroughly inspect and treat the outside of your home and provide an effective barrier against general household pests trying to enter. If pests return in between service calls, so will we, and we'll take care of the problem at no additional charge.

Rollins Total Home Protection Plan offers you the following advantages:

  • You don't need to leave a key or be home for the quarterly exterior treatments.
  • Fewer pesticides are used inside your home.
  • Spider webs and stinging insects will be removed from around your home.
  • We will treat fire ants within 10 feet of your home