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Do you know what's lurking in your home? Bring in a team of extermination professionals to find out. RPC Rollins Pest Control has the solution to all of your pest and rodent control needs and have trained and certified technicians waiting to inspect your home or office space in Lancaster, Camden, Rock Hill & Fort Mill, SC. We'll identify your pest problem and work with you to find a cost-effective solution for extermination or removal that provides long-term protection. We offer pest removal and control for common household pests like:

Mice and rats can harbor disease, exposing your family to parasites like fleas and ticks that can infect you. They also produce rapidly, doubling the size of their nest before you know it and eating through wiring in your crawlspaces and walls.

Fire Ants
Ants come into your home through the smallest spaces and they can number in the hundreds of thousands. Don't let them get into your family's pantry, and protect yourself from painful bites and stings.

Bed Bugs
These bloodsuckers can come into your space from anywhere and are great at hiding. Bed bugs cause itchy, irritating skin so bring in an expert to eliminate them before the problem gets any worse.

Termites are a major threat to your building, feeding on wood and jeopardizing the structural integrity of your dwelling. We'll provide a termite inspection and effectively combat any infestations, saving you money on costly termite damage repairs.

RPC Rollins Pest Control also offers extermination services for mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches and more, so you'll no longer be troubled by creepy crawlers. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert technicians in Lancaster, Camden, Rock Hill & Fort Mill, SC today!



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Take control with pest solutions in the Lancaster, Jefferson, Camden & Rock Hill, SC areas

Our family owned and operated Lancaster-based operation is dedicated to providing effective treatment and prevention of household pests. Our methods are proven to last longer than others in the area. Whether you've discovered a nest of fire ants in your pantry or are facing a rodent infestation, you'll find the knowledge and expertise you need to handle the job at RPC Rollins Pest Control in Lancaster, Jefferson, Camden & Rock Hill, SC. We'll show up to your location quickly and, using the latest exterminating technology and methods, determine the best solution for you at a price that works for your budget. Unlike the other guys, we also provide drainage and crawlspace services so we're able to really get to the root of any pest infestation and eliminate them at the source. Call RPC Rollins Pest Control to keep bugs and rodents at bay.

Rollins Pest Control will come to you! We serve the following counties:

South Carolina:

  • Kershaw
  • Lancaster
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  • Lexington
  • Fairfield
  • Chester

North Carolina:

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